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حذاء تايكواندو ماركة دايدو مخصص لرياضات الدفاع عن النفس للاستخدام فوق البساط 

The Outsole: Flexible, it consists of two parts. The 3 circles on the front and the logo at the back help the athlete turn and move better. The texture of the outsole provides a uniform grip. The asymmetric sides are designed to improve flexibility and stability.

Elastic Mesh: The combination of adaptable materials, like elastic mesh and lycra, make it easy to put on the shoes, providing a comfortable and breathable wear.

Symmetric Embossing: The instep area is designed with symmetric embossing and an interior foam, which helps absorb all the impact.

Shoelace-Free: A design without shoelaces creates a clean and open front part of the shoes, avoiding anything which could alter a clean impact to the athlete.

"Action" Black Shoes - Daedo

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