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قفازات كاراتيه أروازا معتمد من الاتحاد الدولي للكاراتيه

مناسب للبطولات العالمية و التدريبات

الألوان: أزرق / أحمر


Name: Gloves WKF Karate

Brand: Arawaza

Description: Mandatory in all WKF tournaments
Especially designed according to the safety rules implemented by the WKF Sport Commission
High quality anti-slippery cover that holds the glove perfectly in place
Ergonomic shape designed with a natural curvature that moulds naturally over the fist for maximum comfort and security
Double stitching and reinforced elastics for added strength and quality
Very light and easy to clean
Colors: Red & Blue

Arawaza (WKF Approved) Gloves Karate

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